Xmap plugin for Sh404Sef Sitemap generation in Joomla

For my personal use, I wrote a plugin for Sh404Sef to support Xmap for the sitemap generation in Joomla. It will generate the following urls:

  • html-sitemap through: http://www.example.com/sitemap.html
  • xml-sitemap through: http://www.example.com/sitemap-xml.html
  • news through: http://www.example.com/sitemap-news.html

The plugin is free for everybody to use at their own risk. You can find the plugin under the download section. Currently it only supports 1 sitemap/domain. The plugin is released under the terms of GNU GPL 2.0 and later. Allthough the plugin is free to try-out and use, I would appriciate a donation through PayPal when the plugin is used definitive.

Changes in version 1.1

- fixed issues with unknown variable news and view, thanks to P.Winsor for reporting and fixing this issue.