jDownloads plugin for Sh404Sef in Joomla

For my website I'm using jDownloads as download manager. jDownloads is great, a lot of possiblity's and regular updated. Since I couldn't find a good Sh404Sef plugin for it, I wrote my own in order to generate SEO-optimised URLs. The plugin is free for everybody to use at their own risk. You can find the plugin under the download section. The plugin generates the following SEO urls:

  • www.example.com/"menu-title"/"category"/"sub-category"/"download-item"/summary.html
  • www.example.com/"menu-title"/"category"/"sub-category"/"download-item"/details.html
  • www.example.com/"menu-title"/"category"/"sub-category"/"download-item"/download.html

The plugin is tested with:

  • jDownloads 1.7.5 Stable Build 775
  • joomla 1.5.22
  • sh404sef

The plugin is released under the terms of GNU GPL 2.0 and later. Allthough the plugin is free to use, I would appriciate a donation through PayPal.